Texas Patti – Can You Fix It Too?

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Texas Patti – Can You Fix It Too?
Released: February 23, 2024

Years being single had toughened Texas Patti, turning her into a woman of steel. So, when her well-endowed stepson informed his voluptuous stepmother about the dripping faucet in the bathroom, the fiery Texas was ready to tackle the issue. As she attempted to rectify the problem, she seemed oblivious to her lustful stepson, who was pleasuring himself while ogling at her luscious breasts, now glistening with droplets of cold water.

Little did the dude know that he would be on the brink of orgasm when his tantalizing stepmother peeled off her drenched T-shirt, revealing her creamy jugs. Having successfully fixed the leak, all that remained for Texas was to dry her chest and carry on with her day. As she patted her boobs dry with a towel, generously offered by her stepson, she was taken aback to discover that he had stripped it off his own body. In a flash, Texas found herself lavishing attention on her stepson’s manhood, bringing it to a state of rigid arousal. As she began to service his pulsating cock, Texas confessed her admiration for the impressive size of her stepson’s tool and his ability to hold back his climax. Years of loneliness had left their mark, prompting her to escalate the situation. Having her snatch well licked and fingered, Texas feels like her stepson’s balls dive deep as she lays with her thighs spread nice and far apart. Relishing the feel of his massive member, the MILF found herself being ravished right in the shower. She reveled in the sensation of his thick cock filling her cunt in the cowgirl position. Overwhelmed with pleasure, Texas implored her stepson to release his cum in her mouth for the first time, but certainly not the last. Read less