Adria Rae & Jewelz Blu – Her Loss Is My Gain

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Adria Rae & Jewelz Blu – Her Loss Is My Gain
Released: November 17, 2023

Adria Rae enters her living room and comes across a startling sight. Lying on the couch is her roommate’s girlfriend, Jewelz Blu, wearing nothing but a strap-on. Adria remembers letting Jewelz in the night prior since Jewelz wanted to surprise Adria’s roommate with a sexy little gift. But, just like so many times before, it seems like Adria’s girlfriend has neglected the poor Jewelz.

Adria’s held her tongue about her roommate’s neglectful ways in the past, but now… she feels like she just has to tell Jewelz the truth. They sit down and have a chat, where Adria tells Jewelz how incredible she is and how much she deserves better than her current girlfriend. Before long, Jewelz is convinced… and very thankful that Adria has reminded her that she deserves to be appreciated and loved. She’s so thankful, in fact… that she decides to let Adria give her all the sex she’s been missing.

They have rough sensual sex, with plenty of strap-on play and intense kissing. They lick each other’s pussies until they’re slick and wet, and then take the dildo in their hands for some more fucking, cumming all over it and then lapping up the pissy juices with delight. After all is said and done, there’s one thing that’s for sure for Adria… Her roommate’s loss is her gain!