Aaliyah Love & Lauren Phillips – Feuding Families: Comfort Feud

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Aaliyah Love,Lauren Phillips – Feuding Families: Comfort Feud
Released: May 22, 2022

Aaliyah Love arrives at her frenemy Lauren Phillips’s house. Nothing has changed between them as they instantly start bickering, getting sassy and clearly enjoying sharpening their tongues. But after getting some of that energy out of their systems, they buckle down to talk about why they’re really meeting up that day. They’re organizing a charity bachelorette auction and will also be two of the bachelorettes that people will be bidding on. Of course, this only leads to more bickering as they argue over who should be featured on the invitations.

As they take jabs at each other, each thinking that they’re the superior date, they soon start bragging about their sexual prowess since that could be valuable if their dates go really well. Since seeing is believing, as things heat up between the two beautiful and catty ladies, they decide to put their skills to the test. May the best bachelorette win!